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I dreamed that my friend Alex and I went to a "black" southern baptist church on revival night.  When the crowd started falling asleep, he turned it into a horror show where he went through famous villains from horror movies (classic and modern).  Freddy Krueger (pot-mark faced guy with knives on his hands from Nightmare On Elm Street) was one that scared me in particular and while Alex was sitting in his seat sarcastically saying "Ahhh" I was down in the floor avoiding Freddy.  Well, the revivalist thought this was funny and so around he comes to torment me personally, chasing me down the row and what not.  I woke up shortly after.

Where did this come from?
I have a fascination with black-southern-baptist worship style (gospel and a tambourine). 
I've been considering trying to be more religious again. 
I haven't seen Alex in a long time, but I hung out with his girlfriend Saturday and we were talking about him. 
The Freddy Krueger part, I have no idea.  That was just random.

The second part of the morning was that I woke up to my door being pounded on.  It was a guy from my apartment administration wanting to search for a dog (we're not supposed to have them).  I thought about not answering it, but i heard keys jingling.  Later, I wondered if this was a tactic he uses to get people to open up their doors.  So he introduces himself in about .5 seconds and asks about a dog.  I told him a part truth, that it was my roommates dog and I wasn't sure if it was here (the truth was it snuck in my room during the middle of the night and I was positive it was in the apartment).  I wasn't as sharp as I could be, seeing as how I'd just woken up from a laughing Freddy Krueger slashing my face.  He went and made a phone call and came back a moment later, threatened eviction and left.  :-|
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I'm looking at buying a new camera but it might be a couple of months before I purchase it. I'm going to shop around quite a bit, hopefully find a lens locally that I want. I'd rather test the lens in person and then find one on eBay in good condition. The bad thing is that I haven't really created a budget and the digital SLR model and lens I want are very expensive. I might wait until the end of the summer when I'll have more in savings and when I'm absolutely positive I want what I'm buying.

Here are the prospective pieces:

Canon EOS 350D Digital Rebel XT

Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM
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An effort to record my existence, this memorandum will be appended to sparingly yet passionately. Passionately because when I write I have something to say and the mind to say it. That said, everybody get down with their bad self.
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